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We are situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Meeting us here is possible though we usually we work online with our clients in the Nordic Countries.

Ask for our help with stories and text – as well as graphic design for print, web and social media. We move fast and will get you the right result.

  • Jan Blicher Grunnet, LEJKA
    We got help from Oxby in order to become more visible in the general public. We have a product that could end a lot of housing scams and wanted the Danish politicians and media to know that. Oxby has been a big and on-going help in setting that agenda. From a media strategy – to developing quality content for social media and the press. Oxby is a down to earth communication firm – and they are good at connecting the media strategy to my vision for the future of LEJKA.dk. 
  • Depressionsforeningen
    The Danish Association of Depression has worked with Oxby as part of our advocacy campaigning for enhanced openness surrounding mental health. With Oxby you know you get speedy action and well researched work. Perhaps their strongest point is turning expert knowledge into articles and messages that appeals to a wider audience. They always deliver, and when they do, the quality is good.
    The Danish Association of Depression
    Morten Ronnenberg, Secretary General